Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding combines the enjoyment and freedom of horseback riding with important occupational, physical and speech therapy goals for 2-16 year olds.

This exciting program uses Equine-assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) to provide sensory, cognitive, physical, emotional and social stimulation for children with a variety of disabilities. EAAT integrates therapeutic interventions within the riding experience, helping riders develop strength, flexibility and confidence.

The warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere provides students with a wide variety of needs with the perfect environment to spread their wings and experience the countless benefits that therapeutic riding provides.

EAAT benefits and improvements include:

  • Confidence, pride, and self-esteem
  • Trunk control, balance, muscle tone, and strength
  • Range of motion and joint mobility
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Cognitive skills
  • Sensory integration and concentration
  • Speech and language skills
  • Self-discipline and self-awareness

As part of the program, children will be instructed on interaction with horses, grooming, touching, tacking and arena riding. Riders are assisted by knowledgeable staff and volunteers to ensure their safety. Lil Folk Farm’s PATH-Certified instructors have a strong equine background as well as experience working with a variety of Therapeutic riding programs.

During their lessons, riders will work on posture, balance, core exercises, stretching and strengthening muscles. The horse’s natural movement challenges the rider’s whole body. Tight muscles relax, lax muscles are strengthened, coordination, motor skills and circulation increased. Not to mention, the unique relationship formed between rider and horse can lead to increased confidence, patience, self-esteem and countless giggles!

Adaptive equipment is provided and safety precautions are taken. Lil Folk Farm’s fantastic new heated indoor arena provides a safe, year-round environment for introducing students to the benefits and joys of horseback riding. Overlooking the arena is the viewing room which allows parents and siblings to meet other families, watch lessons, take pictures and share in their children’s happiness and successes.

Lil Folk Farm’s goal is to provide a safe learning environment where children of any ability can increase mobility, socialization, and independence through a fun, joy filled activity!

• Lessons are $65

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